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Useful Photoshop scripts for SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

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Adobe Photoshop scripts and actions can be a real time savers. Every time you work with Photoshop you face common tasks, like saving with different options, renaming files and layers or doing other chores, which have nothing in common nor with creativity, nor with time saving.

Working with SVG Kit for Adobe CS4+ in Photoshop, you'll probably notice, that it may produce quite a lot of layers, if the SVG image is complicated. Our plug-in does a great deal of work, converting and splitting your images, but you still need to rename and organize layers yourself, and that is where Photoshop scripts can be really helpful. Here we'd like to make hints for you with some of the scripts, which are aimed at working with layers. These scripts can save you much time both in a combination with our plug-in and on their own. They are all free and can be easily found, but here you can save your time or even find something, you haven't known about.

  • Rename Layers. This script renames all layers in the active document, including those within groups. The script prompts for a layer name pattern, and then renames and numbers the layers.

  • Find Layer. This script searches all layers by name and selects the first match.

  • Export layers to files In adobe Photoshop CS 4 and above, this is a native script, so you don't need anything else, but in Photoshop CS3, this script lacks PNG support, so you can download an upgraded version of the plug-in with PNG support. Moreover, this custom script adds a special "Fast" mode, so it will save the images much faster.

  • Layers Groups to Files. Export to such common types as JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, EPS etc. can be easily achieved by adding minimal changes to some basic script. You can find some useful information at Adobe's forum and here we would like to offer you the script for exporting your layer groups to JPGs with common export presets. If you know JavaScript, you can easily adopt this script to your needs by simply changing "jpg (pdf, or whatever you need) options" section in the script body. For more information on save options, please refer to the Photoshop scripting guide in your Photoshop folder (look for ***SaveOptions, where *** is JPG, PNG, etc.). By the way, if you need to do the opposite thing, and import different images as separate layers in Photoshop, you can easily do it with Adobe Bridge: just open it, select the images, that you want to import and go to Tools > Photoshop > Load Files into Photoshop layers in Photoshop.

  • The RemoveCopyScript, or even a whole RemoveCopyPanel for removing "copy" from duplicate layers can be found at one of the Adobe's blogs.

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